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News for 2012


11-30/12-1/2 Canada -  Brantford Ontario  Redlion's Brown Baron of Trippe's Creek --- Owner Phil Russell  H/Jane Pappler
  Fri-Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best of Breed over specials!! (17 months) 3 pts
  Sat- CBR Club of Canada Specialty - Best in Puppy Sweepstakes, 
  Sun- CBRCC Regional Specialty - WD/BW/BOB over specials 5 pts 

  Redlion's Doublecoat Betty Boop (7 months) Owner Catharina Lindstrom H/Jane Pappler
  Sat- winners bitch 2pts
  Sun- CBRCC Regional Specialty - winners bitch 2 pts

  Betty Boop               Trippe

11-24 MD National Capital Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club Regional Specialty -
Redlion's Brown Baron of Trippe's Creek - Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 5 pt major     O/Phil Russell  H/Gina Downin

11-17 PA  KC of Philadelphia  Winners Dog/Best of Winners for 3 pt major  Redlion's Who's On Deck, RN CGC - "Amos" O/Mike & Julie Sestrick  H/Gina Downin
11-16 PA  Greater Philly KC  Winners Bitch 3 pt major 
 Redlion's Hit It Rich   O/J Pappler & Joe Vinci  Handler/Deb Rivas
11-15 PA  Penn Treaty KC - Winners Dog for 1 pt  Redlion's Hay Stack  O/B/H Jane Pappler

     Rich               Amos

11-11  MD Mispillion KC - 1st leg towards Rally Novice title for "Schooner" - Redlion's Weatherdeck Schooner** WD CGC  O/G Downin & J Pappler  H/Gina Downin.  Three legs/completions  are required for a title in this event.

11-8  MD   Heike Frattalone's
Ginger took winners bitch which finished her Show Championship!!! 
         Ginger is from Double Coat's Christmas Joy, view him on the Stud Dog page. 


11-7 MD Talbot KC    WD 1 pt  Redlion's Hay Stack  O/B/H Jane Pappler

10-20 NJ Gloucester Co KC
Redlion's Who's On Deck, RN CGC - "Amos"  WD/BW 3 point major  O/Mike and Julie Sestrick  H/Gina Downin   Amos is sired by SUCH/AM/CAN CH Redlion's Hit Doctor*** AM/CAN MH and out of GCH Redlion's Come Back Scupper
Redlion's Notorious Wren** WDQ SH  WB 3 pt major -  O/J Pappler and John Wiacek   H/Jane   She moved like a dream today!
              Amos                  Wren

9-22 TX    American Chesapeake Club National Specialty Show - San Antonio, TX
Redlion's Weatherdeck Schooner**, WD CGC - 1st place Field Trial Bitch and 1st place Bred-by-Exhibitor class   O/B/Handlers  Gina Downin & Jane Pappler
Redlion's Hay Stack  -  2nd place Bred-by-Exhibitor   O/B/H  Jane Pappler       view his info on the Stud Dog page
Redlion's Brutus of Bloodsworth - 2nd place Open Dog and 1st place Hunting Dog class  O/Richard Schauber   H/Gina Downin   
              Schooner      Schooner          Hay Stack            Brutus

9-12 ID  American Chesapeake Club National Field Trial Specialty - Redlion's Weatherdeck Schooner** WD CGC - Schooner ran well and got a 2nd in the Derby.  O/Jane Pappler & Gina Downin  H/Jane. The trial was held on the Davis Cattle Ranch, 6000 acres, Cascade, Idaho, just beautiful but very dry and dusty!  Was a wonderful trip for a week. 

9-9 PA  Redlion's Exxchange Riley got his 2nd leg and First Place in RA (A) last weekend in Macungie PA. This is a Rally Class. So far he won first price on all his legs. He would have had his title, did I not give him a cookie before the judge said "are you ready".. Well I thought that you were allowed to give the dogs a treat prior to the start of the rally... nooo.. NO Food Allowed in The Ring. --- Renee my trainer (Let's Speak Dog) won't speak to me for a week I am sure... :)    O/H Heike Frattalone

9-7 NJ  Tuxedo Park KC  My black lab "Landing" won Winners Dog and Best of Opposite for 2 points to become a new Show Champion!!! He won over several male Specials. O/Jane Pappler & Darren Sausser  H/Kathy Mines   yippee!!!!   CH Ingmos Oxford Landing JH   We are so excited to have this wonderful boy and our first Labrador Show Champion....view his Stud Dog page...

9-7 NJ  South Jersey Retriever Club - a completion in the Derby for Schooner with a Reserve JAM!!   Redlion's Weatherdeck Schooner** WD CGC  O/Jane Pappler & Gina Downin  H/Jane. This is Schooner's second completion in the Derby.

9-2 OH 
"Bacchus" is a young male out of my stud dog Redlion's Notorious.  The owner Tim and Beata Fenstermacher emailed that he completed his Junior Hunter title this weekend!  He is now:  Treasure Lake Wilderness Dream JH

Oregon - Redlion Kennel is proud to announce our 2nd
AKC Grand Champion bitch, GCH Redlion's Fyreworks on the Bay RN, owners: Jane Pappler, Anita Schaeffer, Marilyn Williams. Marilyn has handled Fyre in the show ring and to her GCH and has just done a great job with her. Fyre has some Group placements and has taken BOB at some ACC supported shows along the way. She is a lovely Veteran now. Thanks Marilyn for loving this beautiful girl for all of us.

8-17 NJ  Shewsbury River RC -
Redlion's Notorious Wren**c SH WDQ CGC   Qualifying - Reserve JAM     H/Jane

8-10 MD  Labrador RC - Redlion's Weatherdeck Schooner** WD CGC  Derby 4th place - O/B Jane Pappler and Gina Downin   H/Jane Pappler

8-3 Sweden -- Swedish Specialty Show 2012 - NBISS SU(U)CH NUCH AM GCH* SE VCH SV-09 Double Coat's Christmas Joy WD CGC  2nd Best Male, new WD (working dog certificate for retrieving)  O/Catharina and Kaj Lindstrom, Sweden   "Joy" is a son of Redlion's Hit Doctor

8-2 OH Canfield Ohio show, new AKC Grand Championship!  CAN/UKC/IABCA Int CH/AM GCH* Mercer’s Takin’ On The Outfit  O/Robery Boyd and Dana & Veronica Mercer  H/Roberty Boyd.  Porter is just 2 years old and is a son of Redlion's Hit Doctor. This is the 3rd GCH for Redlion Kennel from our bitches and our stud dogs!!

7/20-21-22 TX Reliant Park Dog Shows CH Redlion's Kodiak Decristo, UD SH WDX CGC --“Cody” - (CH Longmeadow’s Bull Run x CH Redlion’s Not For Sale)  Cody went “3 for 3” this weekend in Obedience. Friday was his second Qualifying Leg with 3rd Place under Judge Jeffery Kern.  Saturday Cody got his “Third" Qualifying Leg along with a “First Place” under Judge Shirlee Jacobson to finish his UD title!!!   On Sunday he got an extra Insurance Leg placing 2nd under Judge Harold Doan to wrap up an amazing weekend. In addition to continue training for his UDX title, Cody has just begun training at Flash Paws Agility Training....this boy loves to train/show and has the most amazing work ethic and drive that makes working with him an absolute pleasure....thank you again Jane Pappler for breeding this very special boy....also a special thanks goes out to our training partner, Melinda Giles who has been an exceptional mentor/coach on our quest in the obedience venue.   O/H Penny Watkins, Magnolia, TX

7-21 Canada - Southwest Ontario Sporting Group Specialty - Redlion's Come Back Scupper - Winners Bitch for 1 pt   O/Gina Downin and Jane Pappler  H/ Gina
7-22  Scupper takes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed for 2 pts.
This finishes her Canadian Show Championship!
 What a nice weekend Gina had. She is now: AM/CAN CH/GCH* Redlion's Come Back Scupper CGC 

7-4 MA  Happy 4th of July!!  Naugatuck Valley KC -  Ingmos Oxford Landing  3 pt major, black Lab   O/Jane Pappler and Darren Sausser   H/Kathy Mines

6-24 NJ  Riley now has his first title - New RN (rally novice) He qualified 3 times in a row and won First Place each time. Redlion's Exxchange Riley
      O/H Heike Frattalone

6-16 & 17 OH  Brutus ran 2 hunt tests this weekend and received two legs to complete his
JH Title today!!!  Redlion's Brutus of Bloodsworth JH WD   B/J Pappler & J Downin  O/H Richard Schauber, MD

6-1 Canada CSHR Mercer’s Wawa Sisterhood WC, "Skye" finished her WC today. She is a daughter of Redlion's Hit Doctor   O/Deb Burton 

6-2 DE  Maryland RC Hunt Test - 1st leg towards SH title for Redlion's Weatherdeck Schooner   O/B Jane Pappler and Gina Downin   H/Jane Pappler

6-2 TX   Ch Redlion's Kodiak Decristo CDX SH   Cody's qualifying score of 189 was the only dog to qualify in Utility A in all 3 days in Texas at the shows.  First leg in Utility A !!  O/H  Penny Watkins

-25 NJ Monmouth Co KC  Redlion's Paddle Bit   WB  1 pt  O/B/H Jane Pappler 
5-26 NJ
Monmouth Co KC
 WB 1 pt and BOS over a Special Bitch today 
5-27 NJ Plainfield KC  WB  1pt  
Paddle Bit is a New Show Champion!

5-20 MD  Susquehanna RC  Redlion's Brutus of Bloodsworth WD   completed his 2nd leg towards the Junior Hunter title.   O/Richard Schauber  H/Jane Pappler    Richard was working in VA so I was able to run Brutus for him. What a nice day it was.

5-5  MI Midland KC  Am/Can Ch* Mercer’s Takin’ On the Outfit - "Porter"  wins BOB and a 4pt major towards his GCH title.  Porter's sire is SUCH, Am/Can Ch Redlion's Hit Doctor **c Am/Can MH, WDQ.  Shown by owner Robert Boyd of Canada

5-6 NJ Trenton KC  ACC Supported Show - Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweepstakes is Redlion's Brutus of Bloodsworth WD   O/Richard Schauber  H/Gina Downin

4-21 MD   Old Dominion KC  Redlion's Who's On Deck   WD/BW  1 pt   O/Mike Sestrick and Jane Pappler  H/Gina Downin  (the real expert owner and trainer is Julie Sestrick)
4-22 MD 
 Baltimore Co KC  Winners Dog  2pts

4-14 PA Harrisburg KC  Ingmos Oxford Landing  black labrador, WD/BW  1 pt   O Jane Pappler and Darren Sausser   H/Kathy Mines
4-15 PA Mason and Dixon   Reserve WD 

3-24  NJ  New Brunswick KC   Redlion's Paddle Bit   WB/BW  1 pt  O/B/H Jane Pappler

3-9  England  Crufts World Dog Show  NBISS SU(U)CH NUCH AM GCH* SE VCH SV-09 Double Coat's Christmas Joy CGC  won Reserve Best Male  Handler/Jane Pappler
23,000 dogs entered over 4 days - 43 chesapeakes entered.  Joy is owned by Catharina & Kaj Lindstrom of Sweden. He went home to Sweden after the show. He had been with Jane in the U.S. showing for ten months. What an exciting show circuit he had during his stay here. See all his info on his stud dog page. 

2-5  NJ Boardwalk KC Redlion's Notorious Wren**c SH WDQ CGC  WB/BW 3pts   J/Joe Gregory  O/J Pappler & J Wiacek  H/Jane Pappler

1-29 VA Middle Peninsula KC of VA  NBISS SU(U)CH NOUCH AM GCH* SE VCH SV-09 Double Coat's Christmas Joy CGC  BOB and pulled in the Group  H/Jane Pappler
1-22 MD
Annapolis KC  BOS  J/Nancy Cowley  H/Darren Sausser

1-21  MD Carroll Co KC  Ingmos Oxford Landing  black labrador, O Jane Pappler and Darren Sausser   H/Darren Sausser  WD  1 pt
1-22  Annapolis KC
 Landing  Winners Dog again for 1 pt


1-12 thru 1/15  VA shows  Ch Double Coat's Christmas Joy took Best of Breed 4 of the 5 shows and was pulled in the Group one day.


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