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CH Ingmos Oxford Landing, JH

Hips/Elbow/Knee clear Grade A Swedish Registry, PRA-A by parentage, Cerf49908/Jan2013-84, DM clear, EIC carrier, OFA Thyroid TH289 clear
OFA CA4076 clear, carries EEBb  Black with hidden chocolate, SR450999/01, DOB 1-22-06

   NorduCH IntuCH Ingmos Emilio Moro
                                                View and Print:  Landing's Pedigree
Dam:  Ingmos Inzolia Nadaria                        

Landing arrived in the U.S. from Sweden in September, 2007.  It took him a bit to learn English but he's doing well with the second language now!  Landing is very birdy and hits the water hard.  He has earned his Junior Hunter Title and will be continuing his field training. He has a beautiful expression and personality, a dark eye, heavy coat and a thick tail that never stops wagging.



Landing's first three litters were born in 2008



Born 2010   -   Mudd at  7 weeks and 3 years old


 2 male puppies Born 2013

Accomplishments in the US

Hunt Tests
08-31-08 Pinelands Retriever Club 1st leg JH
10-5-08   Talbot RC  2nd leg JH
11-2008  3rd leg JH
7-28-09   MD  4th leg to complete title
  New Junior Hunter!

4-23-11     MA Pioneer Valley KC  WD, BW, BOS 1pt 
4-29-11     DE Wilmington KC
  Winners Dog, BOS 1pt  
10-7-11     PA Hatboro WD 1 pt
11-5-11     PA  Back mountain 
WD/BW  3pts      
11-10-11   MD Talbot KC  WD 1 pt
1-21-12     MD Carroll Co WD 1 pt  
1-22-12     MD Annapolis  WD 1 pt 
4-14-12     PA Harrisburg KC   WD/BOW  1 pt
7-4-12       MA  Naugatuck Valley, MA  3pts major!!!
9-7-12       NJ Tuxedo Park KC   WD/BOS  2 pts   New Show Champion!!!

Canada Shows 
12-2-11   Brantford, Ontario, Canada  WD 1 pt
12-3-11   Brantford, Ontario, Canada
 WD 1 pt

View and Print:  Landing's Pedigree


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