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Redlion’s Notorious Buckin’ Hank SH  2-18-18   new SH   Owner/Alan Fuquay

1-28-18 CA  Golden Gate KC, San Francisco Cow Palace - Redlions Harper Canyon Colby  O/Frank Colburn family and Jane Pappler.  "Colby" won winners dog for 2 points.

January, 2018  MI  Good set of shows in Novi, MI for GCH Redlion's Invasion CGC TKN. Doc went BOB 2 days and Select Dog 2 days handled by Doug Belter. Bred by Jane Pappler .


11-11 MD  Delmarava Dock Diving Event - "Bella" did awesome. Over three days of diving with100 dogs, she got beat on the last jump of the weekend.  Everyone was saying she is the fastest dog they have ever seen jumping!  O/H Paul Coppa





11-11 NJ Navasink Gun Dog Championship,  2nd place for Goose - SR Redlion’s Gooseberry UD, JH, RN, CGC, WD   Breeders J. Pappler & J. Vinci) O/trained/Handled by owner Elaine Sorrentino, NJ  



11-4/5 MD  Del Bay RC Parker gets her first pass towards her Master Hunter title, handled by Jane. Fil Fin, co-owners, handles her for a leg and completes her Senior Hunter Title!  Redlion's Joe's Hit From The Parker**, SH  O/Fil Fina, NY and Jane Pappler


11-5  MD  Del Bay RC  Next Generation Rocking The Dock, JH, CGC, CGCA - "Doc" gets his first leg towards his Senior Hunter title.  He also has one pass towards the UKC HRC seasoned pass.  Doc is a hunting dog and trained and handled by owner Sandy Sylvester in NJ.  His sire is HRCH Redlion's Big Jake, MH.


10-26  Piper completes the Qualifying Stake at the American Chesapeake National Field Trial and gets 2nd place!  This makes her Qualified All-Age!!!   CH Redlion's Mtn Island Sandpiper SH, WDQ   O/Susan Dorsey and JoAnn Colvin  H/Susan





10-26  Parker completes the Qualifying Stake at the American Chesapeake National Field Trial and gets a JAM (Judges Award of Merit).Redlion's Joe's Hit From The Parker**  O/Fil Fina, NY and Jane Pappler  Handler/Jane P




10-8  MD  Lake Audrey RC  HR Redlion's Elizabeth's Valour In The Field SH WDQ - "Liz" titled today in the Seasoned Hunting Retriever Stake. O/H Todd Smith, MA  Three new titles for this girl!




10-7 Canada   Nipissing Kennel Club, Trout Creek, Ontario - AM GCH, Can GCH* Redlion's Invasion, CGC, TKN  -  "Doc"  wins Best of Breed and finishes his Canadian Grand Champion title.  Owner/Rob Boyd, Ontario Canada  H/Peter Scott





9-30 VA  CH Redlion's MTN Island Sandpiper SH WDX WDQ earned her JAM at the Mid Atlantic Retriever Club Owner Handlers Qualifying Field Trial on Sept 27, 2017 in Providence VA. Good grounds, great people , Fair and Tough Judges. Thanks so much for the Mid Atlantic folks who did a very nice job to make this Trial successful.




9-16/17  NJ  Goose went 3 for 3 at the NAHRA Eastern Regional Test, hosted by the Navesink River HRC. HR Redlion’s Gooseberry UD JH WD RN CGC. She earned her first two legs in May and added the final two legs this weekend for four straight passes. She is owner trained and handled and much loved by Elaine Sorrentino. 




9-2/3 Canada  - Chesaspeake Bay Retriever Club of Canada - National Show Specialty - AM GCH, Can CH* Redlion's Invasion, CGC, TKN   So proud of owner/handler Rob Boyd for winning Best of Opposite Sex with "Doc". 






9-16/17  DE  First State Retriever Club Hunt Test - Redlion's Joe's Hit From The Parker - "Parker" completed both days for 2 legs towards her Senior Hunter title.  B/H Fil Fina, New York  O/Fil and Jane P



9/1-4 NC  Labor Day weekend was quite exciting in Raleigh, NC. I'm pleased to report the following dogs accomplishments in Raleigh, NC  There was an ACC supported show o the Friday along with the all-breed venue, Saturday/Sunday was the American Chesapeake Club National Specialty Show and Monday was the ACC field work for the WD/X/Q certificates. A very proud of the dogs I bred and the ones sired by my stud dogs.

9-1 Alamance KC, Raleigh, NC   ACC Supported show  Terry Stacy
GCH Redlion's For What It's Worth JH   Owners/Jane Pappler and Darren Sausser  Handler/Kellie Wisch   made a cut in BOB
GCH Redlion's Brutus of Bloodsworth SH WDX  O/Richard Schauber Breeders/J Pappler and Gina Downin H/Maria Kapsali from Greece  Hunting dog 2nd
SHR Redlion's Elizabeth's Valour In The Field SH WDQ 
O/H Todd Smith  - Open bitch 4th


                        Brutus     (Maria has matching orange shoe strings and jacket!)

9-2/3  ACC National Specialty Show   Judge Lisa Warren
GCH Redlion's For What It's Worth JH - made a cut in Best of Breed class 

GCH Redlion's Brutus of Bloodsworth SH WDX  O/Richard Schauber  H/Maria Kapsali from Greece - Hunting Dog Class 1st and Select Dog  (select is the 2nd best male of 200+ entries!)  

GCH Sugarcreek's Thundering Shellcracker MH  O/Molly Boland  Breeder/Handler-Kathy Heintel (he is sired by Redlion's Notorious***c MH)  First Award of Merit  (this means 3rd best male at the national show!) 


What Brutus


I'm thrilled and proud to say that the three "Champions" above showing in the breed ring have hunt test titles and two are hunted.

9-4 was the field work in Emporia, VA. These are the working retriever tests for the Am Ches Club, chesapeakes only.
SHR Redlion's Elizabeth's Valour In The Field SH WDQ
  O/H Todd Smith  - completed her WDX and WDQ. 
CH Redlion's Mtn Island Sandpiper SH 
  O/Susan Dorsey and JoAnn Colvin  H/Susan -  completed her WDQ 

Liz Piper

9/4 Monday  Cary KC show  Elizabeth Sweigart
GCH Redlion's For What It's Worth JH   Owners/Jane Pappler and Darren Sausser  H/Kellie Wisch  Select Bitch

August, NJ  Dee Bailey has been training hard with her girl U-CD Redlion's Born To Run, JH, CD, CGCA, RE, WD   She has qualified for the 2017 NAHRA East Regional Field Test. 

MA - Liz with all her ribbons this spring!

SHR Redlion Elizabeth's Valour in the Field, SH, WD -
Aug 13 she picked up a leg towards her Senior Hunter title. 
Todd Smith, MA
8-26- NY  Liz qualifies in SH for her 4th let completing her Senior Hunter Title.
9-9/10  Two Seasoned Passes for Liz at Saco River HRC this weekend in UKC tests



 2017, GA   late updates for HR Redlion's Notorious Cool Hand Luke, JH.  Luke completed his two field titles with 8 straight passes in a row.  O/HBill Snyder, GA





NJ - Redlion's Bella, MD
 O/H Paul Coppa - Bella placed third in the Ultimate Dock Diving Tournament at the Super Pet Expo. She was the only female in the top 25 and by far the youngest dog in the competition. Bella now has qualified for Eukanuba World Championship in December in Floida. She ha collected 3 First Place Metals in June at the World Dog Expo at the meadowlands. Bella did this at 18 months old!  Sire: CH Redlion's Come Back Hudson and mother is Redlion's Red Wagon.


6-8 NY   BOB for CBISS, Am/Can CH* Redlion’s For What It's Worth, JH  -  “What”  Owners/Jane Pappler and Darren Sausser 
6-10/11  VA  two BOB and a Group 2!!!    H/Howard Huber
6-17/18 PA  two Select
6-30/7-1/2/3 NY  three BOB and a Group 3



June - Southern California Sporting Dog Speciaty -  CH Marnetts Bayside History Repeats, Breeders/Owners: Annette Monugian and Charlene Cordiero. In her last shows, "Piper" went WB, BOW, BOB. She won Group 1 in the Bred By Exhibitor Group, 3rd in the Puppy Sweepstakes Group and was pulled in the adult Sporting Group. What a great day for this young girl.  Then the following Saturday at Mission Circuit show her first time out as a "Special" took Select and Best Owner Handler chesapeake. She then Won the Sporting Dog Owner/Handler Group. So exciting for this girl of just about 1 yr old. Piper's sire is GCH* Redlion's Brutus of Bloodsworth, SH, WD.



6-1 LA  BOB and Group 2 for CBISS, Am/Can CH* Redlion’s For What It's Worth, JH  - “What” Owners/J Pappler and Darren Sausser  H/Howard Huber
6-4 LA  BOB and Group 4



6-4 MI  AM GCH, Can CH* Redlion's Invasion, CGC, TKN - "Doc" gets two new titles today, CGC and TKN (trick dog title). This is new and seems quite fun for the trick dog title!  O/Robert Boyd, Canada.


5-28 Sweden - New Swedish Show Champion - SE (U)CH Redlion's Doublecoat Joyrider  Owner/Erica Bergmann.  "Rider" is out of Redlion's Notorious Twitch sired by Gunner XXVIII





5-28  NJ  Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed - New Champion for CH Redlion's Fast and Furious Neptune JH   Owners/Jane Pappler & Kenny Pontari  H/Jessy Sutton



5-13/14 NJ Navisink River HRC Goose earned 4 NAHRA legs in two days to earn her Started title in four straight passes. The weather Saturday was hideous with sideways rain, wind and falling temperatures – perfect Chesapeake weather!!  SR Redlion’s Gooseberry UD, JH, RN, CGC, WD   Breeders J. Pappler & J. Vinci)O/trained/Handled and negotiate by owner Elaine Sorrentino. 




Redlion's Bridlewold Lost in the Fourrest   O/Jane Pappler and Gary Uhrman
5-5-17 Lenape Golden RC  Open bitch 3rd  H/Hailey Griffith
5-6-17 Bucks Co KC  Open Bitch 4th   H/Hailey Griffith
5-8-17 Trenton KC  Reserve Winners Bitch   H/Hailey Griffith
5-27  NJ  Winners Bitch/Best of Winners for 1 pt    H/Dennis Collins


5-7-17  Trenton KC  ACC Supported Show  Redlion's Fast and Furious Neptune JH   Winners Dog 4 pts  Owners/Jane Pappler & Kenny Pontari
5-8-17  Trenton KC  Winners Dog  1 pt  H/Howie Huber  new Show Champion!


1-18-17  Union Co, NJ  Winner Bitch 1 pt     Redlion's Lost In The Fourrest  O/B Jane Pappler and Gary Uhrman   H/Darren Sausser
3-3-17  Potomac Valley specialty  3rd Open bitch    H/Kellie Shuffelbottom
3-4-17  MD Sporting dog  3rd Open bitch   H/Kellie Shuffelbottom
3-5-17  MD Sporting dog  3rd Open bitch   H/Kellie Shuffelbottom
3-23-17  NJ Big Apple Sporting Society  Winners Bitch and Best of Winners 3 pts   H/Hailey Griffith
3-26-17  NJ Bronx Co KC 3rd Open bitch   H/Hailey Griffith

Many exciting events for the dogs are planned for this year so check back often for the results and photos!

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