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News for 2009


12/6 Dallas FT Worth RC - TX New Senior Hunter Title for Cody - Redlion's Kodiak DeCristo got his 4th Qualifying score to complete his SH. He got both his JH and SH this year!  Cody will continue training with Jack Morris from Stellar's Retrievers and will run Master Hunt tests in 2010.  O/Penny Watkins  H/Jack Morris

See info on two new Books that I listed on the Books and Video page.  One by James Mauney, chesapeake owner, and the other by Ron Clough, turkey hunter and maker of duck and turkey calls. 

11/28  Conroe KC, Conroe,TX  Redlion's Kodiak DeCristo  Winners Dog, Best of Winners 1 point  Judge: Gloria Geringer
11/29  Winners Dog, Best of Winners 1 point   Judge: Douglass Johnson   Owner/Handler:  Penny Watkins, TX

11-19 Holyoke KC, West Springfield, MA  Redlion's Cody Boy  WD/BW 2 pts   Judith Goodin   O/Jane Pappler & Mike Adelung  H/Howard Huber
11-20 South Windsor West Springfield, MA
 WD/BW 4 pts  Everett Dean
11-21 Windham Co  West Springfield, MA   ACC Supported entry Rsv WD   Dr L A reasin
11-22 Springfield KC West Springfield, MA  WD/BW 4 pts  Christine Pollender-Calcinari

11/1/09 MD DelBay RC  New Master Hunter Title!!!  -  Redlion's Notorious** MH WDQ CJH CGC   "Thor" qualified today for the 5th leg and completed the Master Hunter title. It was achieved with a little excitement along the way. On Saturday the fist test was a walkup and a triple with pheasants, a long land blind and an honor. Thor had trouble picking up the 3rd shot pheasant and went back several times to where the bird lay between hay bales. With a lot of whistling he finally retrieved the pheasant to my hand but oh boy, it was totally breasted out and raw, not a feather on the whole front and innards hanging out. No wonder he was a little reluctant to pick up the bird. The judge apologized for the condition of the thrown bird and adjusted the scoring accordingly as Thor had lined  right to the mark. The second test Saturday was a triple land/water combination and most dogs cheated the water on the middle duck. Both days tests were in the rain.  Sunday morning was a short water blind, diversion bird, long water blind then a water double.  Thor lined out well to the short blind and on the way back a diversion duck is shot from a winger and lands directly in front of the dog. The dog is to swim right past the diversion but leave it alone, come back in and deliver the bird he is carrying, then go pick up the 12 feet or so and get the diversion bird, then you continue with the long water blind, then a water double. Well, on the way back from the short blind with duck in mouth, Thor took three long strides in the water (ignoring my very loud come in whistles) leaped off the peninsula onto the diversion bird, went under the water and came up with not only the bird he was carrying but also the diversion duck, both in his mouth, swam 15 feet to shore and delivered them both to me at one time!  The judges weren't sure what to do so had to consider the rule which is - the dog cannot spit out the bird he is carrying and pickup the other duck-- he didn't-- he kept one in the mouth and grabbed the 2nd and brought in both..  So I was allowed to continue the test!  He did a reasonable job on long water blind and hammered the double retrieve and finished the test with a lot of chuckles and loud applause for his new title!  Owners: Al and Zach Melhus and Jane Pappler.  Handler/Jane.  see his Stud Dog page

10/18 TX  Redlion's Kodiak DeCristo  "Cody" qualified for the 3rd leg towards his Senior Hunter at
Bryan College Station Hunt Test in Iola, TX  
O/Penny Watkins  Handler/James Davis

10/18 MD Potomac Valley Golden RC - 4th leg in Master Hunter competition - Redlion's Notorious** SH WDQ CGC   see his Stud Dog page - puppies available from Thor

10/11 NJ Ramapo KC - American Chesapeake Club Supported Entry - Best in Puppy Sweepstakes - Redlion's Hit It Rich 
Owners: J Pappler & Joe Vinci  Handler-Jane

10/11 NJ Ramapo KC - American Chesapeake Club Supported Entry Redlion's Cody Boy - Winners Dog  2 pts
Owners/J Pappler & Mike Adelung  H/Jane

10-2-09 Ohio  Am Chesapeake Club National Specialty Show  Redlion's Icebreaker
TD, SH, NA, NAP, NJP   new TDX Title!!! Tracking Degree Excellent!!  O/Jessica and Todd Seebolm, Chester, NJ   Handler-Jess Seebolm   (Am/Can CH Redlionís Short Fuse WD  x  Redlionís Mud Puddle)

10-2-09 OH  American Chesapeake Club National Specialty Show - Best in Puppy Sweepstakes!!!!  Redlion's Hit It Rich  Owners: J Pappler & Joe Vinci  Handler-Jane  Entry of 71 puppies 6-18 months.

9/26 NJ Redlion's Trace Element - "Ouch" won the trophy in the Novice Retrieving Division at the Barnegat Bay Decoy Show.
  O/J Pappler  H/Al Melhus

10/4 TX  Port Author HT  2nd leg Senior Hunter for Cody  O/Penny Watkins  H/James Davis
9-20 TX Rose Country RC  Redlion's Kodiak DeCristo  "Cody" got his first Senior Hunter leg today!  O/Penny Watkins  Handler/James Davis

 9-19 CT  Labrador RC of Greater Boston Redlion's Notorious** SH WDQ CGC - "Thor"  Qualified for his 3rd leg towards Master Hunter title. 


9-16 ME American Chesapeake Club National Specialty Field Trial, Burnham, Maine  SUCH/AM/Can Ch Redlion's Hit Doctor** Am/Can MH WDQ got 4th in the Qualifying! Joey is 9 years old and was feeling great with the colder temperatures.  He also went 3 series in the Open Stake. Redlion's Notorious** SH WDQ completed two series in the Open also.  Redlion's Notorious Wren** WDX, just 2 years old, completed 3 series in the Qualifying.  Lots of people, fun and lobster!

9-12  Sweden - SU(U)CH Redlion's Notorious Teddy is now a new Swedish Show Champion.  Thanks to Catharina Lindstrom for showing and training him in Sweden.  O/Jane Pappler  H/Catharina Lindstrom   In June, Teddy had the bloddtracking test and he did pass. Its a 600 meter long blood track in quite ruff terrain with four angels, one blood stop of 15 meters, and a rowdeer foot in the end that they have to pick up .So now he has qualified for Open Class and they need 3 first places to get their Swedish Tracking Champion Title.

9-6 Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club -  Redlion's Notorious** SH WDQ CGC - "Thor"  Qualifying score today for 2nd leg towards Master Hunter title.

8-29 Pinelands Retriever Club -  Redlion's Notorious** SH WDQ CGC - "Thor"  O/Al & Zach Melhus & J Pappler  Qualifying score today for his first leg towards his Master Hunter title.

8-16 NJ Jersey Skylands Labrador RC - Match Show - BOS in Match  Redlion's Zip It Jackson - yellow labrador male puppy ,4 months old
 shown by Dillon Sternz  Owner - Jane Pappler

8-14 NJ  Shrewsbury River RC one day trial - Redlion's Notorious** SH WDQ CGC - "Thor"   Qualifying Reserve JAM

7-26 Canada - Lab Owners Club -  Redlion's Notorious Wren** JH WDX  " Wren" won 1st in the Junior Field Trial Stake!  She was handled by Lorraine Hare.  She has 8 pts in Canada in Junior.  Wren will make her debut in Qualifying in mid-august at just 2 yrs old. 

7/26  VT  Lake Champlain Retriever Club  Redlion's Icebreaker SH TD NA NAP NJP   new Senior Hunter title!!  O/H/Trainer Todd Seebolm

7-18 NJ  Labrador RC - Ingmos Oxford Landing JH , black lab, O/H J Pappler  "Landing" finished his 4th leg and now has his Junior Hunter Title. 

7-18  TX  Exciting weekend for Redlion's Kodiak DeCristo (and first time handling Cody in Confirmation) at the Reliant Dog show in Houston, TX. Friday he got Reserve WD under Judge Patricia Gellerman, Saturday (which was a Chesapeake supported entry) Cody got WD & Best of Winners for a 3 point major under judge Norman Patton. Sunday he wont Best of Winners and Best of Opposites for a 4 point Major.  What made this especially sweet was that I was on the "other end of the leash"....a first for me and quite exciting...Cody will be going back to his hunt trainer the first of August to prepare for his SH tests in the Fall....what a very fun boy, thanks Jane, for breeding this extremely talented boy.  O/H - Penny Watkins

6/21  Virginia KC - Ch Redlion's Come Back Scupper - Best of Breed and Group 3!!  O/Jane Pappler & Gina Downin  H/Gina  This was Scupper's first Group placement and also Gina's first time with a Group Ribbon!  Both had a great 2 hour ride home...

6/14/09  Long Point Retriever Club, Ontario, Canada  Redlion's Notorious Wren** JH WDX  Got a 2nd in the Junior (same as Derby in the US)  H/Lorne Langevin

5/31/09 Eastern Ontario RC, Canada - Redlion's Notorious** SH WDQ CGC - "Thor"   Qualifying CM -  H/Lorne Langevin   O/J Pappler & Al and Zach Melhus
5/31/09  Swamp Dog RC, Winslow, NJ 
Redlion's Notorious Wren** JH WDX  Derby JAM  Handler/Jane
5/31/09  Sweden - Redlion's Notorious Teddy - got his first CC towards his Swedish Show Championship.  Shown in Sweden by Catharina Lindstrom
         "Thor" is the sire of both Wren and Teddy, and all three got ribbons on the same day in three different countries!!!!

5/17 CBRandR Picnic - Redlion's Pond Rippler - new CGC Title!  O/Janet and Gary Treer, PA.  "Ponder"

5/3 MD Maryland RC - Redlion's Notorious Wren JH WDX - Derby 2nd    O/John Wiacek & Jane Pappler, Handler John

4/26 TX  Tejas Hunt Club  Redlions Kodiak De Cristo got his 4th leg to finish his JH title!   O/Penny Watkins   H/James Davis

4/26  Labrador Retriever Club, Glasgow, DE  Redlion's Notorious Wren JH - Derby Jam    O/John Wiacek & Jane Pappler, Handler Jane
4/17  Shrewsbury River RC - Redlion's Notorious Wren JH - Derby 2nd Place!!!    O/John Wiacek & Jane Pappler, Handler Jane
4/10 South Jersey Retriever Club  - Redlion's Notorious Wren JH - Reserve Jam in the licensed Derby  O/John Wiacek & Jane Pappler, Handler Jane

4/9 TN  Stephen and Karen Rubbin report a new CGC title for  Redlions Laissez Les Bon Tomp Rouler Chaucer CGC - Chaucer is 7 months old and his
 name means
"Redlions' Let The Good Times Roll Chaucer".

3./1 Detroit KC - ACC Supported Entry - BOB and Group 2 - Ch Northwyn's Whispering Reflection - O/H Maggie Fisher.  "Fisher" is a son of Redlion's Short Fuse and quite a look-a-like too!

2/28 MD Sporting Dog - ACC Supported Entry - Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweeps - Redlion's Hit It Rich, from the 6-9 puppy class. "Rich" also won Reserve Winners Bitch from the puppy class. O/B/H-Jane Pappler.  She is a sweet girl and lives with friend Joe Vinci.

2/10  NY Westminster KC - CH Sandbar's Stock Exxchange - BOS  O/Diane Baker   "Molson" is a son of Redlion's Big Business


2/5/09  NJ Big Apple Sporting Dog Society
 Redlion's Not For Sale - Winners Bitch - 1 point   O/B  Jane Pappler
 Redlion's Exxchange Riley -  Best in Puppy Sweeps  O/Heike Frattalone   H/Jen Van Schoick (Riely photo)


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