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For more than 35 years I have tried my best to offer a dog that would compliment the hunter, the competitor and the family.  Thank you to all of you who have returned and purchased additional puppies from me again and again, generation after generation.  I appreciate your kind comments about my standards and my honesty.  I will post some of your many heartfelt thanks to Redlion.


5-15-08  I just wanted you to know that you have brought so much joy into my life.  I just love my dogs.  Pancho will always be Number #1, but Ella and I have a special bond.  She is MY dog.  When we get a chance for TV time, she is always at my side, either with her head on my thigh or sometimes completely on my lap, head on my shoulder, snoring away.  Of course, we are always on the floor (not!).  I am always the first one up in the morning and I take Ella out of her crate and Pancho, Ella and I go downstairs for potty and breakfast.  Yesterday, Bernie got up first and I was still in bed (just didn't want to face the workday again!) and Ella pounced me and snuggled and smooshed and rubbed and rolled all over me while giving her signature vocal greeting which is like a cross between Chewbacca (from Star Wars) and a baby crying.  She licked my face for 3 minutes and would not leave me alone.  She just doesn't do that for anyone else.  I am so privileged to be loved by that silly girl.  Thanks for breeding really neat dogs and bringing a smile to my face everyday!   
                 Your friend, Deb Rivas

9-10-08  Hi Jane – I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say hello…and THANK YOU!!!  As I’m sure you’re aware, there are stories in the news every day about backyard breeding, puppy mills, etc.  Unfortunately responsible breeders like you don’t get all of the publicity and recognition they deserve.  I trained with the Beyer family and their Chesapeake Bay Retriever ‘Jeter’ last week.  He is a beautiful dog, both in appearance and temperament.  What a great match you made for the Beyers!  He is an intelligent little guy and responded extremely well and immediately to training.  I also understand that you steer your customers toward better all natural brands of food, which I appreciate!  I will be happy to send prospective Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Golden Retriever and Lab owners to Redlion Kennels. Thanks again!  
Greg Kleva,
"2007 Therapist of the Year", Host of 'It's A Dog's Life' on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius satellite ch. 11
Dog Behavioral Therapist & Master Trainer, Bark Busters Home Dog Training -      

March, 2010 - 14 years ago I picked up a little pup from you.  We named him Fox because after we picked him up from you e saw a small fox cross your driveway as we were leaving.  He gave us 14 wonderful and amazing years before he passed away last week.  He was surrounded be those who loved him dearly, and he went quietly and with dignity, without any pain or suffering. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have had this amazing Chessie in my life.  He lived a long and healthy life.  He was gentle, very active, an amazing Frisbee player, and the most loyal companion I could have ever hoped for.  Ah, that handsome Chessie smile...I want to thank you for introducing us to such an incredible dog.  He will be missed terribly. Warmest regards,  Chris Bray

2-2-11 Regarding Aubrey (officially "Redlion's Easy Company") We continue to be delighted with her.  What a sweet, affectionate, and smart pup you gave us.
Patti and Steve DeTeresa, VA

3-11-11  Sadly I send you this email to tell you that we have lost our loveable chessie Abby last week. Going to the lake this summer will not be the same without her, she loved to jump in the water and swim with us, as much as she loved to get in the truck with us for the 2 1/2 hour ride up to the lake.  Abby loved to duck hunt with me as much as she loved being spoiled by my girlfriend.  Thank you for what you do and for introducing us to Chessie's and giving us the experience of having such a wonderful and loving dog in our lives.   Sadly heartbroken,  Eric Beaudet. MI

1-25-13  Man,what a great dog. Thank you so much for the privilege of having Ripple in our lives. He passed away in my arms a few hours ago. He had been getting old. But still had vigor and humor. He was a special dog. With his snarling lip smacking smile to the end when seeing new friends. Still competing in the backyard for the ball a couple days ago. This morning some dog was in our backyard and he looked so excited to see a new friend. This afternoon he became visibly lethargic, and for the first time had no excitement for his food. I believe he had a heart attack tonight, or he simply let go. I have had to cart one dog in, your last dog walked in on her own carrying her ball, so having one go out like this was something. He probably went in about 15 minutes, His breathing just became more shallow and shallow, with some slight gasping and front paw movement. I could do nothing but hold and pet him. This will be the first night the will not be a Chessie under our roof in 33 years, the first time in almost 26 years not a Red Lions dog. Anyway, thanks again. He was probably the friendliest, kindest dog to others, especially small breeds I have ever known. Always knowing who had the biggest chest, but never showing it.
Jeff McAnally  Lakeside Ca


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