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Many people have a passion for taking Pictures and I'm one of them!

I have taken photos mostly of animals, dogs in particular, but have done several weddings and other events.  I like to capture the happenings on the side-lines, and really enjoy catching the animals expression or personality to show in my work.  I refer to my work as "casual photos" and take them in a relaxed easy fashion.  Click below to view some of the photos I have taken.   (** please read copyright info at the bottom of this page)

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2007 Labrador Club of the Potomac Photos - click here

The digital photo can be used for your enjoyment or on your own website for personal advertising.  If you are in my area of New Jersey, I would be glad to setup a time and place to take photographs for you.  I attend many hunt tests, dog shows and field trials and always have my camera with me.  I do travel to other states and Canada.

All photos taken are digital only.  You are paying for the digital photo and the rights to use this photo for personal use or for your kennel advertising.  All advertisements must have the following info included with the photo and Ad copy:    Redlion

*** All pictures are Copyrighted and cannot be sold to anyone else or used for any other publications of any kind (contests, published calendars, etc).  Anyone wanting to use a Redlion Photo for other than personal uses agrees to contact me personally for pricing, and/or usage rights with no guarantees of extended uses.

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