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News for 2005


12-9 Virginia - Rappahanock RC held their hunt test today in the snow and cold water!  Real chesapeake hunting sceniero for sure.  Quite a few dogs didn't care for the water but I'm proud to say that Thor did excellent with Al handling and completed Thor's JH title!  Congrats on a job well done. 4 for 4.  Redlion's Notorious JH CWC WDX at 16 months.

12-10 - new developments with the puppies!  Redlion's Not for Sale, mother of 7 five day old chesapeakes, today got 3 more!  Only they are yellow labs.  A friend called in dire need of a 2nd mom for 3 yellow lab pups as she had trouble with their mother.  They were rushed down to Gina in MD who has Sale's litter and mama Sale took them right in, so now is raising 10!  Gina, Thomas and Sale and babies are doing great!  Thanks so much for saving these Lab babies!

12-3-05  San Mateo, CA - CH Redlion's Western Wishes
BOB -  Judge: Ms Kathryn Cowsert  O/Sylvia Holderman  H/David Holderman

California - The Turkey Circuit
CH Redlion's Western Wishes (Ch Chesarab Force of the Jedi x Redlion's Revenge is so Sweet)
Owner; Sylvia Holderman, Handler; David Holderma
   Nov 25 BOB  Judge: Mrs. Judy Doniere
   Nov 26 BOB  Judge: Miss Dolores Maltz
   Nov 28 BOB  Judge: Desmond Murphy

Nov - Fayetteville KC.  Clancy earned her first leg in Rally Advanced with a score in the high 90’s.  Two more to go for title.  UCD,UACHX,UACH,UAGII,UAGI Redlion's Sienna Bay Clancy CD, RN, MX, AXJ ,AX, OA, OAJ, NA, NAJ, O-NAC, NAC, NJC-V, TN-O, TN-N, RS-N, JV-N, CGC, TDI, VCCX    O/H Stephanie Thomas.

Nov 12 - Swamp Dog Hunt Test - Redlion's Notorious got his 2nd leg in the JH  O/H Al Melhus - "Thor"
Nov 20 - Maryland RC Hunt Test - Thor got his 3rd leg in JH


Nov 6 -Del Bay RC Hunt Tet -  New Junior Hunter title     (picture left)
River Ridge Open To The Public, JH CWC WD.   "Del" got his 4th leg at the Del Bay Retriever Club test this past Saturday to complete his JH title.  O/H Jane Pappler

Nov 6 - Also running was Redlion's Notorious got his 1st leg in the JH  O/H Al Melhus.  This was the first hunt test Al has ever ran and he was dog #1 so he was very very nervous but the dog did perfect!

Nov 6 - Also running was Can Ch Redlion's Hit Doctor** Can MH JH  "Joe" got his 2nd leg in the Master Hunter!  We have had a tuff go for the last two months.  He did good work with the trainer but he and I weren't working as a team and the transition to owner takes some training also and he wasn't going on the blinds for me. But things are good finally and and we got the completion. He actually was one of a very few dogs that had no handles on all 3 test setups.  The first setup was a land triple with pheasants and two blinds up through the marks.  Of 41 only about 10 dogs didn't handle and Joe was one!

October 29, 2005 - Vancouver Kennel Club   WB/BOS Redlion's Fyreworks on the Bay - 2 points
October 30, 2005 - Vancouver Kennel Club  BOB - Redlion's Rough Suede   O/Anita Schaefer
         BOW/BOS/WB - Redlion's Fyreworks on the Bay - 2 points  O/Anita Schaefer, Jane Pappler, Marilyn Williams

Oct 22, 2005 - New Canadian Show Champion - Can Ch Redlion's Hit Doctor CMH WDX JH - Joe took winners dog at the Belleville District KC for 3 pts and WD & BW 5pts at the Chesa Bay Rtvr Club of Canada's National Specialty Show to finish his Canadian Show Championship.    O/B/H Jane Pappler

Oct 22 - Belleville, Ontario - Chesapeake Bay Rtvr Club of Canada's National Specialty Show - Winners Bitch for 5pts was Redlion's Not For Sale O/B/H-Jane Pappler

Oct 12-16, 2005 American Chesapeake Club's National Show, Frederick, MD - Competition is always tuff at a national so my goal is to get a ribbon with every dog.  There were 350 entries and some classes had many entries. It was a great show and even those that didn't get a ribbon were looking good and handled well.  Thanks to Brian Summers, Debbie and Bernie Rivas, Gina Downin & Thomas and my sister Jean Gilmore and her friend Chris for running dogs back and forth to the van for me, airing and feeding dogs and being great supporters and taking pictures! 
River Ridge Open to the Public  "Del" - 4th American Bred Dog
  Redlion's Johnny Weigands  "Johnny"  -  3rd Open Dog & 3rd in Brace coupled with Fyre
  Redlion's Hit Doctor  "Joe" - 3rd Hunting Dog  & 3rd in Stud Dog class
  Redlion's Short Fuse "Musch" - 2nd Veteran Dog 10 years and over  (Musch will be 12yrs in January!)
       and 2nd in Stud Dog  (dogs are shown with 2 or more of their Get).  This was his last show.....
  Redlion's Come Back Stinky  "Stinker" - 4th Puppy bitch 9-12 mo
  Redlion's Fyre Works on the Bay  "Fyre" - 3rd Open Bitch
  Redlion's Come Back No Fleas - 3rd Brood Bitch (shown with 2 or more Get)
Worth noting:  Also entered were several dogs who already have their championship and were in the Best of Breed competition.  Unfortunately this judge didn't take notice of them but they are nice specimens and have done their share of winning.
  Ch Redlion's Bandito de la Bay  (PA - Rivas)
CH Redlion's Busy Typhoon (Texas-Freeman)
  CH Redlion's Rough Suede
The following day was the working certificate tests and the real love of these dogs!
  Redlion's Comanche's Hope - new WD (Working Dog title) in the field Bob Fenton  H/Jane P
  Redlion's Hit Doctor - new WDX (Working Dog Excellent title)
in the field Jane Pappler
  Redlion's Griffin - new WD & WDX - Brian Summers
  Redlion's Notorious - new WD & WDX - Al and Zach Melhus
Complete show and field results and pictures of the ACC National Show and Field Trial can be found on their website at:  



September, 2005 - New Canadian JH  Redlion's Notorious CJH   "Thor" finished his Canadian Junior Hunter title in September.  He is out of Redlion's Defused Fern by Longmeadow North X NW and is 14 months old.  Owners are Al and Zachary Melhus of NJ, Breeder is Jane Pappler.  Thor was handled in Canada by trainer Sandie Bond of Ontario. 



Sept 3 - Delaware - Today was the ACC Hunt Test and 3 of 9 chesapeakes qualified in the Junior Hunter.  L-R-   Brian Summers and Redlion's Griffin (finished JH title!), River Ridge Open to the Public "Del"and Jane Pappler (3rd leg on JH), Deb Rivas and Redlion's Pancho De La Bay and Kimberly. (Pancho was test dog and has his JH), Julie Reardon with "Jib" (finished JH title today) and her bitch Puffin already has a JH.


Aug 28 - Canada  "Joe" received his 6th qualifying leg to complete his
 Canadian Master Hunter title!!!!!

Aug 13 & 14  Redlion's Hit Doctor - "Joe"   completed 2 more legs towards his Canadian Master Hunter.  He has 5 completions and needs just one more!   O/B  Jane Pappler


July, 2005
recently earned her 21st performance title in Spartanburg, SC
 – Rally Novice or RN.
She is now:

 O/H/Trainer--Stephanie Thomas



July 31 -
Sweden - INTCH SUCH DKCH Redlion Doublecoat Crapgame WDQ, MASTER 2003, 2005 - O/H Catharina & Kaj Lindström  -  "Game" completed the Master 2005 test and did an excellent job. He is pictured in the pouring rain retrieving with Catharina.

July 30 - Sweden - New Swedish Champion!   SU(U)CH Redlion Doublecoat Born To Run  O/H Catharina & Kaj Lindström   "Legs" is a full sister to Redlion's Come Back No Fleas



This is a note from Marj Freeman in Texas about CH Redlion's Busy Typhoon, CD RN TT BPDX+
(CH Chesarab Force of the Jedi x Rockycreek's Empty Pockets)  B/Jane Pappler

7-16 Bexar KC -  (supported show of Alamo Area Chesapeake Club) Best of Breed under Dr. Steve Keating and Group 2 under Bettie Krause. They say that is was a prestige's win since a Chessie never places in group at this show.

7-17 Austin KC - BOB under Luiz Silva and he made the cut under Dr. Donald Sturz Jr in the group.

We won't mention Obedience!  He gave all of my friends a good laugh and I almost hit the judge in the toe with the dumbbell.  He did everything except the retrieve over the high jump.  He walked up put his head over the jump and looked at the dumbbell!  They used a conformation ring and just put new mats over it!  Needless to say He put his nose to the ground between exercises and paid no attention to me!    Marj F. 
"Ty"  now has his TT and from the Alamo Chesapeake Club has his backpacking titles, BPDX+. 

7-2-05 Mt Bachelor KC, Oregon - ACC Supported Show  BOB - Ch Redlion's Western Wishes  "Twig"
(Ch Chesarab Force Of The Jedi x Redlion's Revenge Is So Sweet)  B/J Pappler & J Gilmore  O/Sylvia Holderman   H/David

7-3  Oregon - BOB & Group III   Ch Redlion's Western Wishes

Oregon - RWBRedlion's Fyreworks On The Bay  (Ch Redlion's Short Fuse x Ch Redlion's What A Blast)  B/ Janis Stockfish & Jane Pappler,  O/Jane Pappler, Juanita Schaeffer & Marilyn Williams, Handler: Anita

6-19 - Ontario, Canada   Water Fowlers Field Trial Club - Redlion's Hit Doctor  – Qualifying Jam

6-7-05  Clair McCall reports that "Chip" is ranked the #2 Chessie in Open A (First & Foremost Rating System) for 2004! 
           CH Redlion's Chipotle CDX JH CGC WDX FMX ThDX   O/Claire McCall, MA    B/Jane Pappler


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