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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Redlion's Notorious ***c, CQFTR, MH, CJH, WDQ, CGC  - "Thor"

Qualified All-Age in field trials in the US and Canada

OFA8533 Excellent, OFA EL1074, Cerf5406/2012-91, PRA-A, OFA EIC41 clear, DM clear, OFA CA108, Long Coat clear

Sire:   Longmeadow North X NW                               View and Print:   Thor's Pedigree
Dam:  Redlion's Defused Fern 

Thor is in training for field trials and hunt tests, does multiple marks on land and water and handles well on blinds. He is hunted on pheasant & ducks, and is a sweet loveable family dog with Al and Jackie Melhus in NJ.  Thor has the perfect temperament for a Chesapeake companion dog and hunting combination.  He loves to please and trains easily. He has been running in Master Hunt Tests in 2009 with 4 completions in a row and a Reserve JAM in an all-breed Qualifying Field Trial. 

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Canada - Junior Hunter
8-13-05 Southwestern RC, Ontario Canada  1st JH leg
8-14-05 Southwestern RC, Ontario Canada  2nd JH leg
8-28-05 Eastern Ontario 3rd JH leg 
   New Canadian JH

WD   -  completed 10-16-05  at the ACC Show Specialty OH
WDX  -
completed 10-16-05  at the ACC Show Specialty OH
WDQ - completed 10-08 at the ACC Show Specialty MA

US Junior Hunter
  11-05-05  Del Bay Retriever Club  Glasgow, DC
  11-12-05 Swamp Dog Club, INC  Elkton, MD
  11-19-05 Maryland Retriever Club, Cheltenham, MD  
  12-9-05  Rappahannock River Retriever Club, Remington VA        New  Junior Hunter

US Senior Hunter
  9-09-06  Labrador Club of the Potomac  1st leg   Cheltenham, MD
  9-10-06  Labrador Club of the Potomac  2nd leg   Cheltenham, MD
Mid-Jersey Lab Club   3rd leg   Hammonton, NJ
  4-1-07    Ponchartrain RC 4th leg  Norcal, LA     
                           New  Senior Hunter

US Master Hunter
  8-29-09  Pinelands Retriever Club  first leg   Hammonton, NJ
  9-06-09  Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club  2nd leg   Jackson Center, PA
  9-19-09  Labrador RC of Greater Boston  3rd leg  West Thompson, CT
 10-18-09  Potomac Valley Golden RC - 4th leg  Brandywine, MD
 11-1-09 Del-Bay RC - 5th leg                                                          New Master Hunter

Canada Licensed Field Trials
  5-25-08  Winnipeg Field Trial Club, Manitoba             Qualifying  CM
  6-01-08  Brandon RC, Brandon, Manitoba                  Qualifying  4th
  5-31-09  Eastern Ontario Retriever Club                    Qualifying CM
  5-14-10  South Western Ontario RC                          Qualifying  CM
  5-24-10  Eastern Ontario RC                                    Qualifying  Rsv CM
  6-06-10  Labrador RC of Central Ontario                   Qualifying  CM
  7-31-10  Algoma Retriever Assoc ,Sault Ste Marie    Qualifying  4th
  8-14-10  Club Du Chien Rapporteur De Montreal       Qualifying  3rd
  8-21-10  Sunpoke Hunting RC, New Brunswick         Qualifying  4th
  8-28-10  Prince Edward Island RC                            Qualifying  3rd
Niagara Peninsula RC                                Qualifying  CM
5-15-11  Southwestern Ontario RTC                         Qualifying  CM
  5-21-11  Eastern Ontario RC                                    Qualifying 1st     New Qualified All-age dog in Canada!   new Title QFTR in Canada
5-29-11  Pine Ridge RC                                           Qualifying 2nd

 US - Licensed Field Trials 
9-18-08  American Chesapeake National Field Trial, Ronan, MT        Qualifying JAM
  8-14-09  Shrewsbury River RC, NJ                                                  Qualifying Reserve JAM
American Chesapeake National Field Trial, Chiloquin, OR    Qualifying Jam and Open 3rd --  New Qualified All-Age Dog in the US!

CGC Title
9-08  ACC National Specialty Show - Massachusetts

U.S. Shows
11-4-10   Tidewater KC, VA   WD/BW 1 pt
11-10-10 Talbot KC   WD/BW 2 points 
11-18-10  Penn Treaty KC   WD/BW  2 points   J/Robert Shreve 

Owners:  Al & Zachary Melhus and Jane Pappler
For Stud Inquiries contact the Breeder: Jane Pappler

View and Print:   Thor's Pedigree



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