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When breeding the Chesapeake I try to adhere to its original purpose as a personal hunting companion of physical and mental endurance, with specific physical and mental traits. I breed to the ACC Standard and strive for a Dual-Purpose dog which is one that can compete in the Show Ring one day and hunting in the field the next day and be a personal companion the rest of the year.

In each litter the puppies will vary in breed quality, individual abilities and personalities. The puppies are graded at 7 weeks of age and then matched up with the new owners and what they are looking for. This assures the new owner of getting the best puppy suited for their needs.  I will not know which individual puppy is yours till 7 weeks. Some are going to new homes for obedience or agility competition, some will go through training and be hospital therapy dogs.  Others will utilize their natural instinct and become great hunting dogs or family companions.  A few will compete in hunting and trial competitions or be used for breeding and show competition.  Different litters and individual puppies can vary in price accordingly. I take a $300 deposit, non-refundable, when you are ready to commit to having a new member for your family!


Litter #1  Chesapeake Bay Retriever 
Due:   April 10-13   Ready to go:  about May 29     Waitlist only...
Price:   $1900                                                     

 This is a Re-peat breeding that produced "Barret" an outstanding young male working in the field currently


Am/Can Ch* Redlion's Come Back Hank**c WDQ CWCI
OFA4277 Good, Cerf2156/01-108, PRA-A, DM carrier

CH Pond Hollow Punt Gunner
AM/CAN Ch Redlion's Come Back Suzie


Hank was a breeders dream.  Beautiful, easy to have around, great temperament, gung-ho for field work.  He did Qualifying level field trial work and hunted all season every year. Read about Hank's many accomplishments as well as his talented offspring on his stud dog page. He's sired excellent breed specimens in many countries and multiple sporting group winning and placing dogs. This breeding is from frozren semen from 20 years ago.


See all photos and accomplishments on Hank's Stud Dog page

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Redlion's Bee Notorious
OFA11125 Excellent, OFA EL2922, OFA EYE729/2019-50, PRA-B, DM clear
Long Coat clear, EIC clear by parentage

CH Quail Run's Two Buck Chuck *** QAA
GCH, Can CH Redlion's Notorious Wren ***c QA2 MH WDQ CGC


Quick as lightning is this small girl with her  mother Wren that is Qualified All-Age in field trials. Bee does basic doubles and short blinds with whistle commands land and water. She has an awesome pedigree of Field Trial dogs behind her on both sides. Bee is a family dog with children and guards the house against the deer and squirrels!

                                                                      Bee on the right with her 2 yr old son Barret

"Barret" is 2 years old from Bee's first litter. This is a repeat breeding of the same pedigree. Barret runs hard, wild for birds and retrieving. Ran his first field trial at the ACC Derby in TX for 4th place with little training. He is a Canadian show CH, Junior hunter, Dock Diving Senior and has a Tracking title. 
Can CH Redlion's Come Back Barret, TD, JH, DS

    View all Barret's info on his Stud Dog page

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Litter #2  Chesapeake Bay Retriever     (this litter belongs to Fil Fina, Saratoga, NY)
Due:  May 8      Ready to go: June 26
Price:  $1900 

This is a wonderful paring of dogs with coat, conformation, natural retrieving instinct, and personalities you can live with
Excellent prospect for show, hunting and field competitions


CH Cur-San's A Chance To Win, SH
OFA11524G, OFA EL3268, OFA EYE1175/2018-25, OFA EIC281 clear, OFA DM2353 clear
PRA clear, Long Coat clear

CH Cur-San's Ruff Cut MH
CH Cur-Sanís Rags to Riches JH




View Ticket's  Pedigree                        View Health info on the OFA Website




Redlion's Joe's Hit From The Park** SH
OFA 11360 Good, OFA EL3120, OFA EYE887/2017-36, OFA CA313 clear, PRA-A
EIC clear, DM Carrier, Long Coat clear

SUCH/Am/Can Ch Redlion's Hit Doctor **c Am/Can MH WDQ
Redlion's Notorious Margaret
(Full sister to AM GCH, Can Ch Redlion's Notorious Wren***c MH WDQ)


This girl goes with the flow.  She's friendly with other dogs, likes birds and great to have as a house and family companion. Parker ran two qualifying field Trials and went to the 4th series in both and got a JAM in the Qualifying field Trial at the Am Chesapeake Club Specialty. She has three legs towards her Master Hunter title.


                                  View Pedigree                View Health info on the OFA Website 






Litter #3   Chesapeake Bay Retriever            
Due:  June, 2020     Ready to go:  August
Price:  $1800

 This litter will be easy and fun to train and will make great jhunting and companions for the family



Redlion's Weatherdeck Floater
OFA11153G, OFA EL2945, OFA EYE751/2019, PRA-B, DM clear by parentage
Long Coat clear by parentage, EIC clear by Parentage, OFA CA312 clear

HRCH Redlion's Big Jake, MH
Redlion's Weatherdeck Schooner** WD CGC


Floater is the perfect family dog with two small active children. She enjoys other dogs, retrieving and swimming. She is very obedient, listens well and an easy dog to have around.


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