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When breeding the Chesapeake I try to adhere to its original purpose as a personal hunting companion of physical and mental endurance, with specific physical and mental traits. I breed to the ACC Standard and strive for a Dual-Purpose dog which is one that can compete in the Show Ring one day and hunting in the field the next day and be a personal companion the rest of the year.

In each litter the puppies will vary in breed quality, individual abilities and personalities. The puppies are graded at 7 weeks of age and then matched up with the new owners and what they are looking for. This assures the new owner of getting the best puppy suited for their needs.  I will not know which individual puppy is yours till 7 weeks. Some are going to new homes for obedience or agility competition, some will go through training and be hospital therapy dogs.  Others will utilize their natural instinct and become great hunting dogs or family companions.  A few will compete in hunting and trial competitions or be used for breeding and show competition.  Different litters and individual puppies can vary in price accordingly. I take a $400 deposit, non-refundable, when you are ready to commit to having a new member for your family.



Litter #1  Chesapeake Bay Retriever            
Due:  May 1`      Ready to go:  June 19      
 All are SOLD   thank you
Price:  $2700
This litter will offer pups with relaxed temperaments for showing, working dogs in the field and fun family companions

AM CH, Can CH* Redlion's What Do You Think, CBPIG, SH, WDX, RATN
OFA EL4076, OFA EYE1490/2024-59, All clear for PRA, DM, EIC, EDSF and Long Coat,
OFA ACA67 clear Echo, DOB 2-23-19, SS10456107

CH Redlion's Come Back Hudson
Am GCHB*, CBISS, Can GCH*, UKC BIS/CH*, Redlion’s For What It's Worth, JH



This is one happy go-lucky boy. Always up for whatever you are doing as long as he can do it with you. He has show titles in two countries and a group placement and has a Senior Hunter title. He's done a few duck hunts and several pheasant hunts with friend Fil Fina in NY. He's got the best temperament, loves people and good with other dogs. He's training now in Barn Hunt for rats and won two 1st places in his Trail class!

        View his Stud Dog page for complete info and photos.




NEWS: 3-24-24 Tail Waggin Barn Hunt Trial, Robbinsville, NJ. Thinker completes 3 Novice tests to get his Barn Hunt Novice Title (RATN). He did in in style with two First Places in the class and a 2nd place with the fastest times of 49.9 seconds, 38, and 1.06 seconds. He's got lots of energy and prey drive and loves the game. There are rats in a tube, hidden in the straw and the dog has to find them. It's one rat, go through a tunnel and climb on top of straw bales to get one completion in the allotted time of 2 minutes. Get three completed trials to get a RATN title.

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Mtn Island Redlion Texas Toast
OFA12015G, OFA EL3721,
OFA EYE1274/2024-74, PRA-B carrier, EIC clear
DM clear, EDSF clear, Long Coat carrier

CH Mtn Island Rudder Amid Ships Full Ahead** JH WDQ

CH Redlion’s MTN Island Sandpiper*** QAA SH WDQ




Toast is the sweetest family dog, goes everywhere and very social with people and other dogs. She likes swimming and retrieving. Her first show was an ACC Supported show at Trenton and she won Best of Opposite Sex in the Puppy Sweepstakes. Both of her parents have completed licensed field trials at the Qualifying level and are also show champions. A great combination of advanced field work and breed quality.


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  Other Offspring:




"Winston" A 2 yr male from Toast's previous litter has a show championship, a Junior Hunter title and trained to basic Senior Hunter level work and a great family companion.









"Kodi"  this cute 6 week boy was  from Toast prior litter with Redlion's Short Fuse. He has wonderful bone, structure, heavy coat and sweet temperament.








"Miller"  is an awesome hunting dog in CT. He's worked on ducks and pheasants. Miller has a wonderful temperament and lives with a family with young toddler children. He is 3 yrs old from Toast and Barret.



Litter listed for a Friend ---  Chesapeake Bay Retriever            
Due:  May 25      Ready to go about July 20

Price:  $2700
This well-bred field litter will offer pups with high drive for working dogs in the field and very trainable companions.

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Maddy (Redlion’s Madeleine MH *** TKN CGC) has been bred to Rev (O’Tracy’s Prairie Revenant MH **), with puppies expected around May 25 if all goes well. Pups, located in Maryland, will be available for adoption around July 20.

Rev earned his Master title and multiple ribbons in all-breed Qualifying stakes with his owner and breeder, Tracy Wagner. Rev is a talented, solid dog with an impeccable temperament.

Maddy earned 6 Master passes in 7 attempts, first place in an all-breed Qualifying stake, second place in the Specialty Derby, and JAMs in all-breed Derbies and one all-breed Qualifying. Maddy was trained and handled primarily by pro trainer Lois Munroe of Heart and Soul Retrievers. Her breeder, Jane Pappler, handled Maddy to her Derby ribbons.

Health clearances are provided in the litter notice. Rev is clear for his listed genetic traits and is a long-coat carrier; Maddy is clear for her listed genetic traits, which include long coat. 

     Serious inquiries for field and performance events only
            contact Claire McCall  617-281-8648
                       located in Easton, MD




Litter #2   Chesapeake Bay Retriever            
Due: July/Aug 2024       Ready to go:  Sept/Oct 2024
Price:  $2800

 This litter will be excellent for Showing and a Breeding program with great field potential for field and performance competition dogs.

Am/Can CH Redlion's Come Back Barret*** QA2, TDX, JH, DS, CGC
OFA12113 Good, OFAEL3773, OFA EYE1277/2024-75, OFA CA350 clear
All clear for PRA, DM, EIC, Long Coat, and EDSF

Am/Can CH* Redlion's Come Back Hank**c WDQ CWCI, ROMQ
Redlion's Bee Notorious, JH


Our boy Barret is a very special, versatile and talented Chesapeake. He competes in many venues - show, field trials, hunt tests and performance events and is an exceptional family dog as well. He's an American and  Canadian Show Champion, had his Dock Diving Senior title in 2 weekends, got his Tracking Dog title at 1 yr and then his TDX at two years. He runs very hard in the field and learns quickly. He needs just one leg for the Senior Hunter title, and has two legs towards his Master title. Barret is quite accomplished in Field Trials winning in 2022 and 2023 his QA2 (Qualified All-Age two times). He has been trained and handled by Lois Munroe, NH. He enjoys duck hunting in the off season! Barret has sired some very nice litters, producing show titles and dogs working in the field.

                View Barret's Stud Dog page for a full list of accomplishments and photos!

           Print Pedigree                 VIew Health Info on the OFA Website 


AM/CAN CH* Redlion's Three Bridges Harper, JH, WD, TKN, CGC
OFA12110 Good, OFA EL3813, OFA EYE1316/2022-48, PRA-A, DM carrier,
Long Coat carrier, EIC clear, EDSF clear, OFA ACA cardiac clear

CH Redlion's Come Back Hudson
CH Redlion's Joe's Hit From The Park** MH, WDQ


"Harper" has her show title in the US and Canada and has her Junior Hunter.
She loves birds and swims well, is very obedient and delivers to hand. She has a great coat, lovely conformation and movement. Both her parents hunt and work in the field. Parker her mother has licensed field trial completions and is a Master Hunter.


May, 2023, Dog Show at Freehold, NJ -  Sporting Group 4th  !!!

Print Pedigree            View Health info on the OFA website Click Here



Litter #3  Chesapeake Bay Retriever            
Due:  November   Ready to go:  about Dec/Jan

Price:  $2700
This litter will have hard going working dogs for hunting and/or performance competitions. Nellie is the same pedigree as our field boy Barret  (see his stud page)

Redlion's Fun Size Snickers, CGC
OFA12989 Good, OFA EL4662, OFA EYE1946/23-29, PRA-A, DM Carrier, EIC clear
EDSF clear, Long Coat carrier

CH Cur-San's A Chance To Win, MH - "Ticket"
AM/Can CH* Redlion's Three Bridges Harper, JH, TKN, CGC, WD




Snickers is a fun and loving dog and his natural instincts drive him to search for hides, including finding the kids and curling up with them! Snickers spends summers tirelessly swimming laps in the pool and retrieving toys. He rarely misses a trip out of the house with us and loves his walks to the park in hopes of chasing after the geese. Snickers earned his CGC and is currently in scent work training and needs just 1 point for his show Champion title. His sire "Ticket" is a CH & Master Hunter and has ran Qualifying Field Trials.

                         View Snickers Stud dog page for complete info.



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Redlion's Come Back Bee Nellie, JH
OFA12629 Good, OFA EL4303, OFA EYE1693/2024-46
all clear for PRA, DM, EIC, Long Coat, EDSF

Am/Can CH* Redlion's Come Back Hank**c WDQ CWCI
Redlion's Bee Notorious. JH



(Nellie is a sister to Am/Can CH Redlion's Come Back Barret *** QA2 TDX JH DS CG)


Nellie lives with an active family of four and enjoys walking in the neighborhood. She is the first one out the door to the truck to go retrieving in the lake. She has her Junior Hunter title and does basic handling commands with the whistle. She has a lot of go power and is the same breeding as our field dog "Barret". View his info on his Stud Dog page.




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