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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

AM/Can CH* Redlion's What Do You Think, CBPIG, SH, WDX, RATO, FTN, DS, BCAT
OFA EL4076, OFA EYE1490/2024-59, All clear for PRA, DM, EIC, EDSF and Long Coat, OFA ACA67 Echo clear, DOB 2-23-19


CH Redlion's Come Back Hudson  (hunting dog with two legs on MH title)
Am GCHB*, CBISS, Can GCH*, UKC BIS/CH*, Redlion’s For What It's Worth, JH  
Breeder/Owners:  Jane Pappler and Darren Sausser

Thinker's sire - "Hudson"

Thinker's Mother - "What:

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Breeding Stud Fee:  $1800   A deposit of $400 is due at time of breeding and balance of the stud fee when the puppy(s) are 7 days old and before any paperwork is signed. Two puppies constitutes a litter. If bitch is not pregnant, no additional fee is charged..

"Thinker" is a very easy personality, sweet and very friendly. He has natural instincts for retrieving and is a big water leaper.  Thinker got four straight legs to earn his Junior Hunter Title. At 11 months old he won his Canadian Show Championship and finished with a Best of Breed over Specials and a Group 4 plus won the Puppy Sporting Group!  He has beautiful conformation and movement. April, 2023, he finished his Senior Hunter title. His mother "What" was a lovely all-around accomplished Chesapeake in show and a Junior Hunter.


NEWS: 3-24-24 Tail Waggin Barn Hunt Trial, Robbinsville, NJ Thinker completes 3 Novice tests to get his Barn Hunt Novice Title (RATN) He did in in style with two First Places in the class and a 2nd place with the fastest times of 49.9 seconds, 38, and 1.06 seconds. He's got lots of energy and prey drive and loves the game. There are rats in a tube, hidden in the straw and the dog has to find them. It's one rat, go through a tunnel and climb on top of straw bales to get one completion in the allotted time of 2 minutes. Get three completed trials to get a RATN title.


            Barn Hunt Trials
               April 13-14, 2024

Thinker completed 3 Open Trials to gain his Rat Open Title. He is really dedicated and has moved right through two titles in two weekends. This weekend he got a 1st place, a 2nd and a 4th.


NEWS 5-5-24 Trenton Kennel Club
American Chesapeake Club Supported Show

Thinker wins Select Dog to finish his Grand Champion Title!


5-24-24  Freehold, NJ

Thinker completed his
 Dock Diving Senior Title (DS)
with five jumps between
15'9" and 17'6"


Thinker running Fast Cat.

He averages doing the 100 yards in 8.1 to 8.24 seconds which is about 25 mph! 

5-23-24  New BCAT Title




US Shows
11-16-19 Kennel Club of Philadelphia  ACC Supported Show, Best of Opposite in Sweeps
11-16-19 Kennel Club of Philadelphia  ACC Supported Show, WD  5 pts  (8 months old)
11-23-19 Windham Co KC, MA  ACC Supported Show, Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweeps
Delaware Co KC, York, PA  Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 5 points, American Chesapeake Club Supported Show
 3-27-22  Bronx County KC  Winners Dog for 2 points

 4-30-22  Wilmington KC  WD/BW 3 pts    
NEW Show Champion
 5-1-22    Penn Treaty KC  Select Dog 4 pt major towards GCH - first time as a special in Best of Breed competition
12-18-22  Delaware Water Gap KC -  Best of Breed
 4-27-23  Mispillion KC  BOS   
 4-28-23  Wilmington KC  BOS
 4-25-24 Mispillion KC  BOS  
 4-26-24 Wilmington KC  BOS 
 4-27-24 Wilmington KC  Select Dog
 5-5-24   Trenton KC  ACC Supported Show -  Select dog     New Grand Champion Title

Junior Hunter
9-12-20 Westchester RC  Newburgh, NY 1st leg for JH
9-19-20 First State RC  Greenwood, DE  2nd leg
9-20-20 First State RC  Greenwood, DE  3rd  leg
9-26-20 Navesink River RC  New Egypt, NJ  4th leg    
NEW Junior Hunter Title

Senior Hunter
3-25-23  GA Fall Line RC  1st  leg SH
3-26-23  GA Fall Line RC  2nd leg SH 
4-15-23  NJ Navesink River Hunting RC  3rd  leg SH 
4-16-23  NJ Navesink River Hunting RC  4th  leg SH    
NEW Senior Hunter Title

 Canada Shows
12-27-19  Elora Gorge all-breed, Kitchner Ont   WD, BP  2 pts 

Southwest Ontario Rtvr Specialty      WD, BP  2 pts
12-28-19  Ontario Chesapeake Club Specialty  WD, BW, BP 3 pts
12-29-19  Elora Gorge Group 1  WD, BW, BP, BOB, a Sporting Group 4, Best Sporting Puppy in Group    New Canadian Champion   
12-29-19  Elora Gorge All-breed - moved up to a Special for Breed competition gets BOS, Best Puppy

Chesapeake Club Field Work
8-24-21  ACC National Specialty Show - WDX title

Barn Hunt Titles
3-23-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  1st Novice leg, 1st place   49.9 seconds
3-23-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  2nd Novice leg, 1st place  38 seconds
3-24-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  3rd Novice leg  2nd place 1:06.21 seconds   NEW Barn Hunt Novice Title - RATN
4-13-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  1st  Open leg   4th place  1:46:56 
4-14-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  2nd Open leg  1st   place 1:19:96 
4-14-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  3rd  Open leg  2nd  place 1:48:00    
NEW Barn Hunt Open Title - RATO

Barn Hunt - Crazy 8’s  (500 points need for title)
3-23-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  30 Points 
3-24-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  70 Points 
4-13-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  20 Points 
4-14-24 NJ Tail Waggin Trial  50 Points  

Fast Cat
5-3-24 Trenton KC 1st run       9.03 = 22.6517 mph
5-3-24 Trenton KC 2nd run      8.07 = 25.343 mpg
5-4-24 Trenton KC 1st run       8.22 = 24.88 mph
5-4-24 Trenton KC 2nd run      8.44 = 24.24 mph
5-4-24 Bucks Co KC 1st  run   8.40 = 24.35 mph
5-4-24 Bucks Co KC 2nd run   8.36 = 24.47 mph 
5-23-24 Union Co KC 1st run   8.10 = 25.25 mph              NEW  BCAT Title  (150 pts)
5-23-24 Union Co KC 2nd run 8.24 = 24.82 mph
5-24-24 Staten Is KC 1st run    8.12 = 25.19 mph
5-24-24 Staten Is KC 2nd run   9.82 = 20.83 mph    
5-25-24 Union Co KC 1st run   8.06 =  25.38  mph        
5-25-24 Union Co KC 2nd run  8.08 = 25.31 mph   
5-31-24 Basenji Club of N. NJ  1st run  8.23 = 24.85 mph
5-31-24 Basenji Club of N. NJ  2nd run 8.12 = 25.19 mpg    Total Points 342.7547  (need 500)

5-4-24 Trenton and Bucks KC  1st pass Novice   Judge Jennifer Hollis 
5-4-24 Trenton and Bucks KC  2nd pass Novice  Judge Art Olson            NEW Novice Fetch Title  (FTN)

Dock Diving - NADD (North American Diving Dogs) - (jumps are measured in how many feet wide they jump)
5-23-24       9’ 6”   Novice leg
5-23-24      15’       Senior leg
5-23-24      12’       Junior leg
5-23-24      14’ 3”   Junior leg
5-24-24      17’ 6”   Senior leg
5-24-24      16’       Senior leg
5-24-24      15’ 9”   Senior leg
5-24-24      17” 3”   Senior leg    
NEW Dock Diving Senior Title


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