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In each litter the puppies will vary in breed quality, individual abilities and personalities. The puppies are graded at 7 weeks of age and then matched up with the new owners and what they are looking for. This assures the new owner of getting the best puppy suited for their needs.  I will not know which individual puppy is yours till 7 weeks. Some are going to new homes for obedience or agility competition, some will go through training and be hospital therapy dogs.  Others will utilize their natural instinct and become great hunting dogs or family companions.  A few will compete in hunting and trial competitions or be used for breeding and show competition.  Different litters and individual puppies can vary in price accordingly. I take a $400 deposit, non-refundable, when you are ready to commit to having a new member for your family!

The Labrador Standard - Every breed has a "standard" that describes what that breed should be.  All breeders should try to adhere as closely as possible to this standard when they decide to use their dog to reproduce. Breeding is not done just to produce pets or for so kids can have the experience of birth.

There is no such thing as an "American Lab".  Many people decide to breed just to make a dog what they want it to be, for their purpose and their pleasure, and not for what the dog was originally meant to be according to its breed standard. You won't find a breed standard with this name "American Lab" as there is none. So please educate yourself when speaking about a Labrador. Review the breed standard as to what the correct build and design of the Labrador should be and its original purpose.  
  Labrador Standard      FCI Labrador Standard

There are many Labradors bred to compete in Field Trial Competition. These dogs are bred away from the Breed Standard. Many people now are referring to them an "American Lab" to describe what these dogs are like. These dogs are usually taller and/or longer legged lacking depth in chest and barrel, and lacking in the desired bone and substance required of the Lab Standard.  Many of these dogs have other desired breed features missing, including the heavy type of coat and very thick straight tail. This example of a dog has been bred and turned into a power-house of retrieving for hard competition in the field. They are fast, cover ground quickly and have the slighter build to make this possible. A totally different build and mental level is needed for this dog to compete in Field Trial Competitions today that require Quad marks (4) and blinds at distances of 350-375 yards on land, especially in summer heat, and similar in the water.  You need an "athlete". It would be very hard to do this with the dog that is a well bred Labrador Retriever as his build is totally different. The Lab was bred to be a companion and retriever when hunting at closer distances. People who want to compete in much of the field work are breeding the Labrador away from the standard for this reason.

All this being said, there is only the one Labrador Breed Standard. If you choose or have a need to have a different looking dog from what the Labrador should be, so be it. But please don't assume that your "Field Looking" dog is correct for the breed and that it is what the Labrador Standard should be.  It is not.

Regarding color:  Silver is not correct and it is not an acceptable color for a Labrador. Labs are black, chocolate or yellow.


Litter #1
Due:  April 15     Ready to go:  June 3        This litter will be all chocolate puppies    
Price:  $3000                                    


UKC BIS*CH, GCHB* Seminary Ridge’s Last Call RI TKI JH CD CGC WC
OFA251079G , OFACA2235, OFA EYE20478/2023-, OFA PA2606 clear
Clear for CNM, DM, HNPK, RDY, Full Dention

BOSS GCH CH Quailchase Bearcreek Jolly Joe
Seminary Ridge’s Reveille at Belquest CD RN BN JH CGC


In 2001 in limited showing Jimmy has 20 Best of Breeds, finished as the #8 All-Breed and #16 Breed, He is a wonderful companion, active and ready to go on the road and have fun. He loves retrieving and just achieved his Junior Hunter title.

NEWS!!  July 30, 2022 weekend, UKC shows, Jimmy wins four Best of Breeds, plus two Group 3, and one Group 4.

NEWS!! Oct, 2022 -  At the Labrador National - Jimmy won the People’s Choice Winner, Dog For All Reasons Award, Top 25 Recognition, Rally Intermediate First and Third, Trick Dog Intermediate title, and two Junior Hunter passes. Jimmy finished his field work and is now a Junior Hunter.


        Print  Jimmy's Pedigree              View Health info on OFA Website



Redlion's Playtime Piper
OFA266404Good, OFA EL113909, OFAEYE24626/2022-21, OFA BCA1176, clear for PRA-A PRCD clear, EIC, CNM clear, HNPK clear, Long Coat, MCD clear, DRD1, OSD1, RD/OSD, SD2 clear

MBISS GCH Gallivant Wellington
Redlion's Easy Landing



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Litter #2  
Due:  about October     Ready to go:  November, 2023         This litter will be all Yellow. 
Price:  $3000                                    


                               To be added in the spring, about May 


Redlion's Come Back Kimba
OFA265662 Excellent, EL113218, OFAEYE24899/2022-20, OFA BCA1237, PRA-A, PRCD carrier, EIC, CNM clear, HNPK clear, Long Coat cleawr, MCD carrier, DRD1, OSD1, RD/OSD, SD2 clear

Steele's Good Ole Boy
Redlion's Jax



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Future Labrador Litters

We have no other Lab Litters planned at this time for 2023.
  Thanks for your interest in our dogs.


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