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Many Rescue Groups are working very hard to find stable homes for dogs they have rescued, either from a dog pound or from a home where they are no longer wanted.  You are welcome to contact these organizations about dogs that might be available.  You can fill out one of their forms and submit it for consideration.  There are some adoption fees involved to cover expenses of caring for the dog that has been rescued, updating it's shots, etc.  Each group has it's own policies.

American Chesapeake Club Rescue Network  -
CBR Relief and Rescue  -



North East Area Retriever Rescue

Tri-State Labrador Retriever Rescue  -  States covered: NJ, PA, DE
Contact: Carol Allen - PA  610-584-5559

Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.
States covered: MD, VA, Wash DC,  some areas of NJ, PA, DE  

Message Center 301-868-3524 - Fax: 301-868-7179

Labradors + Friends  States covered: MD, PA, NJ, DE   Contact: Charlotte Kinskey - NJ
   973-984-6374    Email:



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