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For Sale: OIder Dogs and older Puppies

Nothing available to sell out-right at this time.
Please check rescue groups online

See below for co-ownership of puppies and adult dogs.

.....regarding the Puppies and Older Dogs LISTED BELOW...
Please read this description and information first before calling me....

The puppies and dogs listed below are my personal dogs and I retain show and breeding rights. The new co-owner would have them for a family companion, performance competition, possibly hunting, hiking or however you choose to enjoy your companion . These special dogs are not available to be spayed/neutered or sold outright. You must live in my area within reasonable driving distance and have a fenced yard. These dogs are on heartworm preventative and Frontline and up to date on vaccinations.

The reason for co-owning is that it allows for these dogs to receive individual love and companionship with a family for all of their life and still be part of our breeding program a few times.  Most pet owners would not have the opportunity to share their life with a top breeding and competition dog from a litter or be able to get a trained adult/older dog for such a small fee. The females would be with me about 6 weeks during the year for having a litter and males would just be needed for a few days when breeding. There is no financial benefit to the new co-owner from these dogs when they are bred. You get a dog who has already been raised and socialized, has had obedience and some retrieving training, all the expensive health clearances are paid for and all dogs are up to date on shots. These expenses alone add up to thousands of dollars plus the original purchase price of the puppy was over $1900. This is a great deal for the new co-owner, the kennel and the dogs. We look forward to a great working relationship with you.  For information on the dogs listed below email Jane at 

Please DO NOT call or email and ask if these dogs can be sold outright to you and be spayed! They are my personal breeding dogs...

Two Adult Chesapeake Retrievers - possibly available in 2021.  2 1/2 yr old female and 2 1/2 yr old male.  For Sale on co-ownership only. You must live within an hour drive from me and have a fenced yard.  They have had basic obedience and training, ready to run Junior and Senior Hunt Tests, have show points, and titles. I retain all show and breeding rights. You must have a fenced yard, know how to work with the dogs for basic retrieving and be familiar with the Chesapeake breed and their being protective around the house.  Email for more information:     

Adult Chesapeake Female, available on co-ownership only. She is 3 years old, up to date on shots, great with kids and family. Friendly with other dogs, the normal Chesapeake protective around the home.  She does fun swimming and retrieving. I reserve breeding rights for her few litters. You must live within an hour drive from me and have a fenced yard. She has all health clearances and hip/eye certifications and I pay for all breeding expenses.  Email for more information:



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