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For Sale: OIder Dogs and older Puppies


Field Trained Black Lab Female, "Kelly"
22 months old. Does double retrieves and handing for blind retrieves. She has been through field basics with a Pro Trainer except for swim-bys.  Her sire is Barb Radtke's Field Champion "Ten".  Kelly is located in western Maryland. This is a very active girl and not a quite family dog for just a pet for small children.  Serious hunting inquiries only please. Thanks
      Price:  $3000       Email me for info:


FOR SALE:  Trained Gun Dog, Chesapeake Male, neutered, almost 3 yr old, tall, about 89 lbs. Available for hunting and ready for Senior Hunt Test competition. With continued training could do Master Hunt Tests. Professionally trained for a year by Eddie Rodriguez. He does triples, land and water blinds with birds, steady and has been shot over in training. Dog located In Ochlocknee, GA. He has been socialized but needs a firm hand and continued socializing

Parents have health certifications. Serious inquiries only please.  This is not a Redlion bred Dog, just advertising for a friend. Sire: GCH Taykemehome Full Steam Ahead     Dam: GCH Whispering Oak Mystic River JH DM.

Price: $5500     Serious inquiries only for hunting and competition.  Contact Eddie Rodriguez (786) 367-2334


.....regarding the Puppies and Older Dogs LISTED BELOW...
Please read this description and information first before calling me....
...These dogs are on a co-ownership basis only...

The puppies and dogs listed below are my personal dogs and I retain show and breeding rights. The new co-owner would have them for a family companion, performance competition, possibly hunting, hiking or however you choose to enjoy your companion . These special dogs are not available to be spayed/neutered or sold outright. You must live in my area within reasonable driving distance and have a fenced yard. These dogs are on heartworm preventative and Frontline and up to date on vaccinations.

The reason for co-owning is that it allows for these dogs to receive individual love and companionship with a family for all of their life and still be part of our breeding program a few times.  Most pet owners would not have the opportunity to share their life with a top breeding and competition dog from a litter or be able to get a partial trained adult/older dog for such a small fee. The females would be with me about 6 weeks during the year for having a litter and males would just be needed for a few days when breeding. Times vary for show competition. There is no financial benefit to the new co-owner from these dogs when they are bred. On a co-ownership you get a puppy or older dog who has had some form of training and socialization, the amount depends on the individual dog. Some already have had some retrieving training, and possibly all the expensive health clearances are paid for and all dogs are current on most vaccines. These expenses alone add up to thousands of dollars plus the original purchase price of the puppy between $1900 to $2900. This is a great opportunity for the new co-owner, the kennel and the dogs. We look forward to a great working relationship with you.  For information on the dogs listed below email Jane at 

Please DO NOT call or email and ask if these dogs can be sold outright to you and be spayed! They are my personal breeding dogs...


                         Nothing available at this time on a co-ownership

There may be a female Chesapeake or Lab puppy about October 2021and February 2022
available on a co-ownership.




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