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Hunting Photos

These awesome photos were taken during actual hunting trips. Pictured are dogs from
our females or sired by our stud dogs.





Jane,  I just wanted to let you know that Jesse is doing great. (black Lab) She was whelped on 2/16/02, out of Redlion's Tweet, and CFC Homeboy's Jazz. If you remember, I picked her up at your son's baseball game at Kean University. She is a great house dog and an outstanding pheasant hunter. Great nose, flushes and retrieves every bird. She even points at times, holding birds in place. 300 yard retrieves on winged birds are common, she seems to relish the hunt! I must say that all of this is mainly "instinct" since I only taught her basic obedience, play retrieving, and just took her hunting at about a year old. She gets better every year, and is such a joy to have around and watch her hunt. She is VERY athletic...the fastest Lab I have ever seen! She is a loving dog with great personality, catches Frisbees and makes me laugh every day. Anyway, I thought you might want to know that her life is good!      Thx, Tom Martin, NJ

12-23-10 - from Dennis Cassel
  The season has been very good to us.  We are taking a ton of birds this year. I am still killing sea ducks when I can get out on the big water. Last week we shot eiders in addition to Scoter and Old Squaw, brandt, divers and a ton of puddle ducks. It has been wild.  Del's chest has grown as wide as my belly, LOL, from all the swimming he has been doing.  He has been doing great retrieving with great excitement.  He was after a crippled old squaw last week and he barked at it the entire chase until he caught it.  It was funny to watch him barking considering you could kick the door in my house and he wouldn't bark at you.  We had a current of 2.4 knots last week that made his retrieves tough in the bay. 


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