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Photos can be taken at Dog Shows, Field Trials, Hunt Tests or at Special Locations

Pricing starts at $10 for a digital photo.  Moving photos are hard to capture especially if the dog is carrying a bird on a retrieve.  The final digital photo will have the copyright on it and only those photos may be purchased and used as stated below.  All photos are digital.  You are paying for the digital photo and the rights to use this photo for personal use, on your website or for advertising your animal or kennel. All advertisements must have the following included with the photo © Redlion

 All pictures are copyrighted and cannot be sold to anyone else or used for any other publications of any kind (contests, published calendars, other people’s websites, etc).  Anyone wanting to use a photo for other uses than stated above agrees to contact me personally for pricing, and/or usage rights with no guarantees. 

Note most indoor digital shots at shows do not come out well and there are no guarantees.  Pricing will be adjusted according to quality for any indoor shots.  Any travel or sitting fees will be discussed on an individual basis. Any alterations to the photo such as removal of leash is an additional charge.


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