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The Choking Up Method for Corrections

This is a safe and one of the most effective forms of easy correction for
 a dog, from a young puppy through adulthood & for the Owners!

What to do when your dog is growling, too much barking, showing teeth and/or nipping.... 
First, Never let a dog get away with any of these. If so, they do it bigger and better the next time and it makes it that much harder to correct if they do it multiple times. If the dog does this when you want to pick him up, move him off the bed, when he is over-barking, growling at a person or other dog or growling at you over the food dish, do the following-----

Use the "choking up method" for correction. This is fool proof and totally works and can be done by man or woman and is not hard on the dog and gets immediate results.  --- Have a choke collar and leash on the dog with the collar up high around the dog’s neck, close to the ears.  Hold the leash at the bottom just a few inches up from the snap where it meets the collar.  When the dog does the unwanted behavior, slowly just lift the leash and dog straight up in the air slightly until the front feet are off the ground, and in a normal voice be telling the dog No, no, no....  The dog will "gag" once or twice.  When it does gently lower the dog and say -- No, sit.  If he responds great. Once he is sitting perfectly still for a few seconds, pat on the chest and say good boy, good boy. Make him sit still for a few seconds or longer for an older dog. In most cases, the dog will fight you some, if it's a big dog they will fight a lot. But, you must win the situation and have the dog stop growling and submit to you. Otherwise they will never stop this behavior and it will worsen and they will be biting you and then someone else. 

You will have to do this exercise at least 2 times, maybe 3 but it can be a space of time in between.  But be ready for it and do it immediately when it happens. This is the best and safest way to correct your dog.  If done properly, the dog has no choice but to quit the bad behavior, what ever it is, as he has to gag and he can't get at you or bite you in return.  If it is a bigger dog, be careful as the dog's normal reaction is to possibly bite and snap as he is being choked. Hold your hands in front of you on the leash and your elbows out and keep him out in front of you.  With this type of correction it is not "physical" to the dog and he doesn't hold it against you personally as he doesn't realize you are the one doing it to him but he knows he is submitting to you. A dog learns and trusts us because he is submissive to us and we are the pack leader.  All un-wanted behavior is because he knows you are not in control.

If the choking isn’t quite getting the job done you can add the “cuff up under the chin”. 
When you are holding the dog up high by the leash, also come up strongly under his chin with your open flat hand. This  “cuff” will make him bite his tongue. This works very well, especially with young dogs. They learn that it will hurt if they growl etc.  They don’t hold anything against you, as it doesn’t appear the corrections are coming from you. 

You should never have to give-in to the dog and what he wants.  You are the owner and the master so make him behave and do what you want. If a puppy does this at 3-7 months what will he/she be like at age 2 when they are really "their own boss"?  Don't let problems continue with the sure change of people getting hurt in the future.  

 ** If a dog is young/puppy, you can pick him up by the scruff on the back of the neck, just like a mother dog would do.  Hold him there and give the cuff up under the chin with the open flat hand.  At about 4 months of age the collar/leash will work better.

I have helped many a pet owner, all different breeds, be able to get their pet under control. Many puppies were nipping and had continued jumping and biting problems with the children and then it escalated to adults. First it was over the food dish, then the toys, then over anything they picked up with growling, uncontrolled barking, then biting and then unwanted attacks.  Don't wait till the dog is unmanageable and a year or two old!!!  At this point, many dogs now have an ingrained way of behavior and can't always be "reconditioned" and can't be given to anyone else either and euthanasia is the only answer.  Unfortunately this does happen way too often.

                                                           Thanks and good luck with your training,  Jane Pappler


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