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You pick the colors, text, graphics, pictures,  type of font, etc.  Basic price starts at $450.  Most basic websites take at least 8-10 hours of basic work to complete.  Additional time is needed for working with the photos, graphics, etc.  This price will include about 5 pages and 3+  photos a page.  All this will vary according to your needs. Additional charges may apply for special graphics and are billed at the hourly rate.  I can do a lot though in an hour!  The site can be ready in two weeks or less, depending on the number of pages and content needed.  These sites are designed to be basic and to get you on the web quickly.  You website can be hosted on your own server for free using their name as part of your web address if they offer this service. Web hosting and your own domain name are additional, costing about $48 per year with a web host for both items.  Additional pages and updates are charged at $20 per hour.  I can maintain your site for you on an as needed basis.  I only do updates when you need them, saving you about $200 a year that you would pay for a monthly service.  If you are local, I can take digital pictures for you that can be used on the website. 

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