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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Am/Can CH* Redlion's Notorious Wren ***c, CQFTR, MH, WDQ, CGC  -  "Wren"

OFA9375Good, OFA EYE187/2015-89, OFA EL1562 normal, OFA DM273 carrier, PRA-B, OFA EIC87 clear, 8-12-07, SR448661/05


Sire:   Redlion's Notorious ***c QFTR MH WDQ CJH CGC
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10-16-16  Potomac Valley Golden RC - Wren completed her Master Hunter title and is now AM GCH/Can CH Redlion's Notorious Wren***c QA2 MH WDQ CGC. Being "partners" with a dog is a very special thing between the two of you. I have had this special relationship with Wren and couldn't be more proud of her and our accomplishments. Co-owner John Wiacek and I shared running her in the field trials. She stayed with me when John moved to Oklahoma to continue getting all her titles. Wren will be retiring soon in OK with John and Helen.


Junior Hunter
5-18-08  Susquehanna Hunt Test
5-31-08  Hudson Highlands HRA 
6-1-08    Hudson Highlands HRA
6-7-08    Keystone RC              
finished JH Title 

Senior Hunter
7-25-10  Labrador RC      1st leg  
8-28-10   Keystone RC    2nd leg  
11-7-10   Del Bay RC      3rd leg

6-11-11  Keystone RC     4th leg   finished SH Title

Master Hunter
9-19-15  Lab RC of Greater Boston  1st leg
9-27-15   Mid-Atlantic RC of VA  2nd leg

11-8-15  Susquehanna RC  3rd leg
9-11-16  Labrador Club of the Potomac  4th Master Hunter leg
10-16-16   Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club - 5th Master Hunger leg   finished MH Title

U.S. Field Trials
8-15-08   Shrewsbury River RC  - first trial Derby 4th   
9-5-08     South Jersey RC Derby JAM  
4-10-09   South Jersey RC  - Derby  Reserve Jam   
4-17-09   Shrewsbury River RC  Derby 2nd   
4-26-09   Labrador RC Glasgow, DE    Derby Jam   
5-03-09   Maryland RC    Derby 2nd  
5-31-09  Swamp Dog RC, Winslow, NJ  Derby JAM      Total Derby Points 7

7/24/10  Labrador  Elkton, MD    Qualifying 3rd   
9-12-10   South Jersey RC         Qualifying Jam   
9-22-10  ACC Field Trial Specialty   Qualifying JAM 
10-24-10  Del Bay RC                Qualifying Rsv JAM   
4-16-11  Shrewsbury RC            Qualifying 3rd  
4-29-11  Labrador RC                Qualifying Jam 
9-30-11  Swamp Dog Club         Qualifying  Rsv JAM  

8-17-12   Shewsbury River RC    Qualifying Rsv JAM  
4-20-13  Shrewsbury River RC    Qualifying JAM
10-26-13 Tidewater RC  Qualifying 3rd  Jane
10-30-13  ACC National Specialty FT  Qualifying 2nd  
Qualified All-Age dog!!!!! 
10-30-13  ACC National Specialty FT  Open Rsv JAM
10-31-13  ACC National Specialty FT   Amateur JAM
7-23-14    ACC National Specialty FT WA  Open JAM   
7-24-14    ACC National Specialty FT WA  Amateur 2nd

10-14-15  ACC National Specialty FT  KY  Open Rsv JAM

Canada Field Trials
6/14/09   Long Point RC             Junior 2nd   H/Lorne Langevin  3 pts
7/26/09   Labrador Owners Club  Junior 1st     H/Lorraine Hare    5 pts   Total Junior Points 8

7-20-13  Labrador Owners RC    Qualifying CM   H/Lorne Langevin
8-2-13    Northern Ontario RC     Qualifying 2nd  
H/Lorne Langevin   new Qualified All-Age dog!!!!! 
8-3-13    Algoma RC                 Qualifying 2nd   H/Lorne Langevin
8-18-13  Sunpoke Hunting RC    Qualifying CM   H/Lorne Langevin

8-25-13  Moncton RC                Qualifying 3rd    H/Lorne Langevin
 South Western Ontario Retriever Training Club    Amateur CM

5-28 -11   Monmouth Co KC  WB/BW 1 pt 
2-5-12      Boardwalk KC  WB/BW 3 pts
10-20-12  Gloucester Co KC  WB 3 pts 
11-9-13    Salisbury Maryland KC  WB/BW 4 pts
11-10-13  Mispillion KC  WB/BW  4 pts 
 new Show Champion!!
11-16-13  Philadelphia KC  ACC Supported Entry - Best of Opposite Sex 
Philadelphia KC  Best of Opposite Sex  

12-7-13   Valley Forge 
Best of Opposite Sex  
12-8-13   Valley Forge   Select Bitch                       
11-11-15  Penn Treaty   Select Bitch  
11-12-15  Greater Philadelphia KC  BOB & Best O/H & Owner Handler Group 4   
11-20-15  South Windsor KC  Select Bitch   
11-21-15  Windham Co KC   Select Bitch 
12-11-15 Delaware Water Gap KC  BOB  
New Grand Champion (GCH)

Canada Shows
6-21-13  Kingston & District KC, Ontario, Canada  WB 3 pts 
6-22-13  WB 3 pts  and 
Best Bred-by-Exhibitor in Show!! 
6-22-13  CBR Club of Canada National Specialty Show - WB, BW. JAM  3 pts 
6-23-13  Kingston & District KC  WB 2 pts     
 new Canadian Show Champion! 

Other Titles
2008      MA Show Specialty  -  WDX
9-25-11  ACC National Show PA - WDQ   
9-25-11  ACC National Show PA - CGC title


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